The Benefits of Couples Counselling

the benefits of getting couples counselling

Couples in Calgary can enjoy benefits of counselling almost immediately: better intimacy and communication, more trust and confidence, more precise conflict resolution, and even a stronger sense of self and a happier life.

So, whether you’re a young couple that just moved in to a trendy Sunnyside apartment, a family making it work in Harvest Hills, or suburbanites with a long drive up Deerfoot Trail (and plenty of time to talk) every morning, let’s talk about how marriage counselling and other relationship therapy can help you.

How Couples Counselling Improves Relationships

1. It helps clarify and define feelings about your relationship.

Dating and marriage aren’t like the movies – there’s no script, and sometimes finding out what we like (or don’t) can be confusing, in addition to trying to figure out the desires of our partner. Counselling provides a place for feelings and thoughts to be discussed, with the added guidance of someone that can help you reach the outcome that’s best for you both.

2. It resolves marriage and dating issues before they become major problems.

Even in the healthiest relationship, there will be disagreements and arguments – and that’s okay, as long as they are respectful and able to be worked out. But getting to the other side of some issues can prove very difficult, especially for people who may have trouble communicating their specific needs and wants. Relationship counselling gives a forum to bring up these issues – whether it’s family planning, bad behaviour, or a lack of communication, or something else – and turn disagreements into opportunities for growth and understanding. By overcoming problems together, relationships become stronger afterward.

3. It creates more intimacy and deeper connections between couples.

What’s just as bad as feeling like your partner never listens? Feeling like they never talk – or never make any effort to connect. When we’re dating and sparks are flying, it’s easy to feel the thrill, but as things progress to moving in and marriage, it may feel like the sparks are gone. Simply putting in the time and dedication to coming to couples therapy can help rekindle that fire and passion, because it shows investment in and concern for the relationship. When you both feel like you’re on the same page, moving further in the book is much easier.

4. Couples counselling can promote individual growth and awareness.

Even if your marriage or relationship is strong, couples counselling can help improve your self-image and personal growth, too. Though you may enjoy biking the Bow River or hiking around the Glenmore Reservoir together, learning to enjoy a better sense of self – and bring the best version to your partner – is a win-win for any pair.

5. Marriage or relationship counselling improves trust and confidence.

When you really connect with your partner and know they have your best interests at heart, it’s much easier to trust them and feel confident and happy. While those are intangible qualities, they are definitely noticeable in our lifestyles, mannerisms, and overall behaviour – and they make fulfilling relationships that much easier to maintain and cherish. Whether you’re still dating or have been married for a long time, counselling can help you focus that trust and turn it into a useful tool for long-term happiness.

6. It makes for a happier overall life!

Think about how you feel when it’s the middle of winter, and you escape Calgary for a sunny tropical island: relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face anything. When you and your partner are in sync after a great counselling session, you’ll have energy to face the world together and be that much stronger for it – and this will permeate the rest of your life, too. You’ll feel more connected, more capable of dealing with new issues that arise, and less stressed out about your life, knowing that you’ve got a reliable and trusted person who’s got your back.


Booking Couples Therapy in Calgary

These are just a few of the many benefits of relationship counselling, but there are many more! As more people have come to appreciate the positives of these sessions, this form of therapy has proven more popular for people dating or already married. If you have any other questions about the process, or you’re interested in seeing how couples counselling can help you, reach out and let us know!

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