Therapist Profile

Jeff Sturgeon

Therapist: Managing Director

As the Managing Director for Your Counselling Jeff is passionate about helping others and ensuring those who are seeking support are provided with the appropriate time, space and avenue to learn, grow and overcome personal struggles. 

As a Registered Clinical Social Worker Jeff has experience in the assessment and treatment of a variety of mental health challenges. Since 2009 Jeff has worked with individuals and families in a variety of therapeutic capacities. What makes Jeff happy is helping individuals and families improve their quality of life.

Jeff believes that the therapy process is a unique and valuable journey for everyone. Jeff approaches his work from a number of therapeutic influences and most often practices from Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavior principles. 

Jeff’s approach to therapy is to work with clients to increase their day to day presence and overall satisfaction in life. His goal is to help individuals make positive changes and move past barriers that may be creating distress.

Jeff’s focus in session is to be present with clients and to provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore some of life’s most challenging moments. He shares that people can expect to engage in personal exploration, goal setting, as well as learning new skills. 

Jeff is currently accepting new clients and can be contacted directly at:


Our Therapists

All of our Calgary Therapist’s believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship in assisting clients in achieving their goals. We utilize client-centered approach’s to identify the best therapeutic foundation to your counselling journey.

The therapists space sharing at this clinic under the name Your Counselling Ltd. are independent practitioners and not partners.